Sunday, October 25, 2009

It Ain't Fire Wood Redux

We got some snow this week. I took a couple of pictures through the windshield of my car on my way to work just before sun-up.

The quality isn't the best, but you try taking a picture one handed through the windshield of your car! That white peak to the right in the first picture is Pike's Peak at 14,192'. Or something. It is one of the Fourteener's here in Colorado. If you look closely you can see the line on the mountains where the snow starts. That's about 8,000 feet.

I also did some reworking on last post's subject. I'll post the photo of the original next to the photo of the revised work.

It's amazing how little wood was taken off to produce this effect. I thinned down the nose and changed the profile of the bridge and elevated the tip a bit. I removed some wood between her mouth and her nose. I also altered the lower lip and took some shavings off the bottom of the chin. All the chips I removed could be put in a thimble with lots of room left over. She's still not as feminine as I would like, but good enough until the next one.

Currently I'm working on a new Santa ornament, a small male wood spirit and a very small tasting spoon. I'm using slightly different techniques on all of them. It'll be interesting to see how they turn out.

Until the, let the chips fly!


  1. wow snow all ready? We have been getting dumped on with rain for almost this entire month. The female face is looking good.

  2. Hi Bob
    It's been a while since I've checked in and I realize I had forgotten to congratulate you on the Eagle spoon. You did a really nice job of that one ESPECIALLY given that you really did do it 'by hand' as it should be done! You've got a lot more patience than me!! I also liked the little figure on your Aug 16 post!
    Glad to see that you are still making the chips fly and now that the snow is coming, you'll have even more excuse for staying in to carve away!
    With best wishes

  3. Hi Bob its amazing how little you need to do to make such a radical change. the female face is looking fantastic, i have yet to pluck up the courage to try a female face.

    Snow sounds good to me, here in the UK we just get cold rain...:-(

    Regards Dave